viewing down the River Seine

A fascinating 2-month experience & opportunity  – exploring the cultural life of the city that has been the centre of ‘high culture’ for well over 200 years – observing the way of life – the sturdy walkers (flat-soled canvas shoes!) – fearless cyclists (sturdy tyres, mudguards, high handlebars!). So much richness – walking the city, enjoying clean streets, the wide river Seine and it flotillas of swans,  barges and boats, monumental buildings. Music everywhere – concerts high and low, meeting musicians of the viola, the oud, the ‘chanson’ accordion. Absorbing the coffee, cheese, baguette, wine  and chocolate culture. History.  The magic and mystery of Chartres Cathedral. Literary events.  Standing in front of Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’.

I am so thankful!