...pause to nibble ...

…pause to nibble …

This past Saturday and Sunday I walked with Louise ( and her Mom, day 1) and Eve for the first two days of this WALKING PILGRIMAGE. Our overall intention being a kind of Pilgrimage for ourselves in our lives, but specifically to honour our environment, in our land, South Africa – for Gaia, Mother Earth. She whom humankind is damaging and abusing. She whom, we feel, needs conscious caring. And so WALKING FOR THE LAND – as Pilgrimage – is increasingly happening here and in other parts of the world.
On day 2 our threesome walked Hangklip Lighthouse to Rooi Els village. Day 2 Rooi Els leaving before first light at 5am, walking along the coastal road, beset by VERY strong winds, and whizzing traffic ( courteous and not-courteous cars, motorcycles, trucks, several rather astonished drivers), we Waliked the 24.6kms ( around 32 000 footsteps for me!).
Such a wonderful experience – a small group, sharing intention and direction, attending to where and how we Walked, to one step and then the next and the next. Highly aware of the stunning Kogelberg mountains on our right – and the drop to the ocean on our left. Treading a very narrow road shoulder. Eve usually leading, myself usually at the rear. In silence, each with her own Self in Nature.
These 2 days of WALKING have been a wonderful experience and time – my wondrous Companions On The Way: Louise, arranger of the entire Pilgrimage including miracle padkos; Eve, coffee and sandwich maker of note, steadily leading forward. Memories surfacing – scattering my father’s ashes in the Steenbras River’s waters so many years ago. Relaxing with breakfast on the rocks. Walking barefoot on long stretches of beachsand. Not-being bothered by stony tracks, strong winds, tiredness. Somehow the mere activity of our Walking together in this way brings spaciousness in body and mind, a state of being in touch and highly aware. Maintaining my own Directions and Intentions and Wishes. Trusting in each step of the way, and in my Vivo Barefoot soft-sole shoes. Sacredness in many ways, keeping pace with the rhythm of our steps, the song of the mountains and of the whale and the oyster-catchers.
WALKING FOR THE LAND in this way will be the focus of my workshops in 2013. I think this is what we need to do.