Walking the Path is a Metaphor for Life itself.

bodhi khaya web size P694

Find time every day to walk in Nature’s domain.

Mother Nature provides an environment for feeling more tranquil, creative, whole, at peace in the world.

Great Earth Mother is infinite in bounty and beauty.As part of Her, we become part of the energy systems of earth life, where the life of all living beings is interwoven, inter-affective, interconnected. The vast planet beneath our feet supports us, is our security , in a delicate balance  and interconnection.

Earth’s elements and inhabitants are all part of Life’s unending movement.They are affected by our passage as we are by their presence.

 Come join us for a mid-week Workshop – Walking Naturally, Consciously – in BODHI KHAYA, STANFORD  mid-week  Workshop – March 26-28h –Meandering through Bodhi Khaya’s beautiful landscape of magical forests, labyrinth, pools, ancient trees …  

“What I know is that when one Walks in this Way, places & experiences become indelibly lodged in memory and image. One never forgets!” Marguerite



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