Pilgrimage into the Landscape

The Art of Walking and Body Sense Alexander-style go WALKING OUR LAND 2013.

I invite you to join a growing movement offering active, caring connection to Our Land –  Gaia, the only home we have. There is a growing  sense that this is what we need to do – to invest our Walking and our Walks with the intention to honour our beautiful natural heritage. PILGRIMAGES INTO THE LANDSCAPE

In Workshops / Workshop-Retreats , 2013, we practice the many-splendoured  Arts of Walking, taking this Poise, Awareness and Relaxedness, into Nature’s service. Daily  guided Walkings in and around where we are, into the spaciousness and silence of veld and grove, will imprint our intention to honour the Beauty and Sacredness of our natural heritage.

Our WALKERS do not stomp down trails, nor hurry unthinkingly to some end – but are a kind of Pilgrimage offering a gentle, conscious, intentionial footprint of love and care into Mother Earth’s miraculous environment. Awake and sensitive, we GO WALKING as part of our interconnected- interdependent community:  birds, plants, animals, and God’s great gifts of earth, air, water, silence and sound.  And in this Belonging we are all of value and ‘ensouled’ – ourselves, Great Mother Earth, the landscape in all its manifestations and occupants –  birds, plants, animals –  God’s great gifts of earth, air, water – space,  silence and sound. The Land itself (Herself?).

There will, as usual, be the bedrock of Body Sense Alexander Technique sessions bringing body, mind & soul into balance, harmony & vitality. The practice of the Arts of Walking Free ‘n Easy. The Arts of Poise & Presence. The richness of music, poetry, creative time & deep restfulness to shift us into that state of integration and relaxedness where we are alive in every cell, sense and thought

poplar Grove web size.

Come grace Paths in spacious & dedicated places of Our Land with your lovely & gentle energy!


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